Custom made just for you from start to finish


Start with Ideas and Sketches...

First we compile ideas - what speaks to you? What aesthetic do you want? Are you looking for 14k gold? Sterling silver? Diamonds or sapphires? Together we figure out exactly what you want your finished piece to become.


3D Models and Renders

Once I know what you want, I can create an accurate model of your finished piece for you to look over before I start the creation process. At this point you also get the final quote, a contract to sign, and the down-payment is required.



Your OOAK design is hand-carved or printed

Whether I 3D print your design or carve it by hand in wax, your one of a kind design is now only steps from becoming a reality.

Casting, Sanding and Polishing

Once I have the wax, I can cast your piece in the metal of your choice, file and sand down the rough casting, set any stones, and do a final polish on your item.


Packaging and Delivery

Upon completion of your jewellery piece, final payment is required, then I package it and deliver it to you, ready for your big day and presentation to your loved one.